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    TALMD, established in year 2012, aiming at creating a luxurious and fashionable brand in the field of home furnishings, providing high income consumers with specialized and personalized service.

    Through integrated design and customization, we satisfy the specific lifestyles of high income consumers and their needs of culture, personal life and aesthetics. Our brand has changed the simplistic and rough process of home furnishing, and has been developing an exquisite and cultural attitude of life.

    The establishment of TALMD depends on projects of more than 6000 sample houses, villas and hotels, completed by years of cooperation with over 600 design corporations and 90 real estate developers from home and abroad. It not only provides products, but also understands and respects life, creates fashion, culture, and lifestyles, as well as transforms material life to the expression of culture.

    All in all, we respect consumers’ individual needs of different home furnishings and achieve their values and aesthetics.





    Our professional team with experienced designers, will offer you excellent designed homes, using the best materials to make your dreams come true.

    We follow your requirements and try our best in the process of designing and producing, to provide you with exquisite products, arrangements and after-sale service. Your satisfaction is our delight.

    We care and sponsor autistic children and improve our techniques constantly to promote effectiveness and make full use of recourses to reduce the harm to humans and the environment.






    We have produced more than 6000 kinds of products in difference styles, so we are confident to offer you competitive prices, high qualities with the best designs.

    We are pond of our Designer team, Every Designer is perfect and honourable their reputation and company Brand to make sure each Production are Anatomize your need with Future Demands.All we do just want to offer the best presentation and Function for your home Decor.

    We will offer the plan to you in time and control the budget as your have required.

    We focus more on the After-Sale service and offer service as below which few people do. Recycle your Furniture. Exchange furniture. We guarantee that you will have a fantasy and splendid home at present and in the future!

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